Budget Music Trivia

July 2019

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1. Throughout the Great Depression, when live bands could no longer be afforded, what provided musical entertainment for cafes, diners, and joints (clubs)?

2. Name the "Big Four" of Jukebox manufacturers.

3. What art style dominated album covers in the 1960's?

4. How was the Sounds of Earth LP, that was launched on voyager 1 and 2 space probe, protected from micrometeorite bombardment?



5. What pop combo had their own TV show 1966-1969?



6. David Bowie's "Fame" single was rewritten by whom?



7. In 1963, the original "Wailers" and what artist was responsible for popularizing reggae music?



8. What was Bob Marley's last studio album?



9. What soul/rock singer found the formula for a solo career after leaving the husband/wife duo in 1976?



10. What was Tina Turners break-out album that launched her single career in 1984?



11. After winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, what pop icon group made history on the most successful pop band on the 1970's?

Rock 'n' Roll Trivia Answers

 1. Jukebox

2. AMI, Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Rock-Ola

3. Psychedelic Art

4. Gold Plating

5. Monkees

6. John Lennon

7. Bob Marley

8. Uprising (1980)

9. Tina Turner

10. Private Dancer

11. ABBA