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Security Safes

Hide Your Jewelry, Keys, Cash & Anything Else You Feel Is Valuable

Right In Plain Sight!

These security safe cans are manufactured from the original unused containers so that

they will be inconspicuous and intentionally be mistaken for the real product.

They're even weighted for a true feel of the original.

The containers have an undetectable screw-off top or bottom that reveals the secret storage area inside. You can leave these wherever you store similar items: in the kitchen cupboards,

bathroom medicine chest, on the shelf, under the counter or even in the garage!

These are easy to use, have no combinations to remember, are inexpensive and

will keep all your valuables safe from prying eyes!


Armor All Tire Foam

Suave Hair Spray

Coffee Mate

Sunkist 12 oz. Can

Axe Body Spray

Monster Energy Drink 16 oz. Can

Dr. Pepper 12 oz. Can

Sprite 12 oz. Can

Pringles Original Flavor Full Size Can

A&W Root Beer 12 oz. Can

7UP 12 oz. Can

Barbasol Shaving Cream

WD-40 Sprays Two Ways 8 oz. Can

Ajax with Bleach 21 oz.

Gunk Tar-n-Bug Remover Heavy Duty 12 oz.

Kool Aid Drink Mix 4 lb. 8 oz.

Sugar Dispenser

Scotch Lint Roller (Teal & White Print)

Red Bull


Love My Carpet

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