November 5, 2019 - CD's

Various Artists - Come Together: America Salutes The Beatles

Country music singer/songwriter style tribute to the Beatles. Seventeen different artists, including Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, all pay tribute to "The Fab Four."

Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted to Sin

2009 release from singer/songwriter, famous for her vocal stylings and piano sound with her "cool" songs. CD contains 17 songs, including the fan-favorite, "That Guy." 

Awolnation - Here Come the Runts

2018 release from Texas rockers, led by vocalist/guitarist, Aaron Bruno. Newest release from group that hit it big in 2016, CD includes the hot song, "Passion."

George Benson - Twice the Love

1988 release from jazz guitarist/vocalist who went big-time in the late 70's, when he crossed over from jazz into pop. CD contains 11 songs with the title song being the stand-out hit song.

Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me

1987 release from hard rock, punk, and pop rockers led by vocalist/guitarist, J Mascis. CD contains 10 songs for fans to rock out to!

Various Artists - The Fabulous Swing Collection

Released in 1998, featuring 19 songs of foot-tappin' favorites and jumping jitterbugs from the fabulous swing era.

Elton John - Greatest Hits

Mr. John's first hits collection, first released in 1974. CD contains 11 songs, including his first hit (and has become his signature song), the now all-time classic, "Your Song."

Huey Lewis - Hard at Play

Rockin' CD released in 1991, featuring 11 songs that showcase Huey's still awesome group, The News and his virtuoso harmonica skills.

Various Artists - I've Always Been Crazy (A Tribute to Waylon Jennings)

Released in 2003, CD features 15 classic Waylon songs performed by rock and country artists. Some of the featured artists include John Mellencamp, Kid Rock, and James Hetfield from Metallica.

Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe

1998 release from hard rock icon, this CD is Rob's most famous solo release so far. CD contains 13 songs/tales of "cadaverous cavorting."

October 25, 2019 - LP's

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

1976 release from Australian rockers who have become one of the biggest selling rock acts of all-time. This LP is one of their early classics, contains nine songs, including the fan-favorite, "Problem Child."

Cinderella - Heartbreak Station

1990 release from rock group that mixed rock and blues with pop and hit it big in the 80's. This LP includes 11 songs, with the title track being an "FM" rock radio hit.

The Cult - Electric

1987 release from rock group that mixed upbeat rock and roll with killer "riffs," big MTV album. LP includes 11 songs, including the rock radio hit, "Love Removal Machine."

Ace Frehley - Frehley's Comet

Solo release from former Kiss guitarist, released in 1987. This LP re-establishes Ace's career after a five year hiatus. LP contains 10 songs with the standout song, "Rock Soldiers," as the spotlight song.

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

1988 release from British heavy metal gods. LP includes eight songs with the title song being one of their all-time classics. 

Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

1982 release from British heavy metal gods, their third release and became the LP that established them all around the world. LP includes eight songs, including the fan-favorite, "Run to the Hills."

Judas Priest - Killing Machine

1978 release from British heavy metal rockers famous for their rock sound and "anthem" style songs of living and rockin' out, to the limit. LP includes 10 songs with the standout being, "Hell Bent for Leather."

Kiss - Creatures of the Night

1982 release from classic rockers who, with this release and during this phase of their career, dropped the makeup. LP includes nine songs, including the fan-favorite, "I Love It Loud."

The Rutles - The Rutles

1978 release of a Beatles parody album, underground hit, this LP includes the history of the Beatles but with a British comedy twist. This is a tribute to the Beatles, from The Prefab Four: Dirk, Nasty, Stig, and Barry!

Tesla - Mechanical Resonance

1986 release from American rockers who hit big in the 80's with their mix of hard rock and pop. Great vocals and lots of hot guitar, this LP contains 12 songs, including the fan-favorite, "Modern Day Cowboy."

October 21, 2019 - LP's

John Cafferty - Music From Eddie & The Cruisers

Released in 1983, this music from the film, Eddie & The Cruisers, became a surprise hit and has become somewhat of a cult classic. This LP contains the song, "On the Dark Side," a fan-favorite.

Don Henley - Building the Perfect Beast

1984 release from Eagles drummer and vocalist, this LP became his biggest selling "solo" release of his career. LP contains 10 songs, including the rock radio hit, "The Boys of Summer."

Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace

1983 release from music icon. LP contains 11 songs, including two hit singles. Michael Jackson sings with Paul on the hit, "Say Say Say." LP also includes the FM radio hit, "The Man."

Bob & Doug McKenzie - Great White North

1981 release from Canadian comedians, famous for their comedy banter and beer drinking stories. This LP is their biggest selling record in America.

John Cougar Mellencamp - Scarecrow

1985 release from singer/songwriter. Big hit LP for John, LP includes 12 songs. Two songs from this LP have become FM classics, "Rain on the Scarecrow" and "Small Town."

The Police - Ghost In the Machine

1981 release from British rockers who hit it big in the late 70's with their great songs and music and, of course, the voice of Sting. LP includes 11 songs, with the song, "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," as the stand-out hit.

The Pretenders - Learning to Crawl

1984 release from British rock group, led by Chrissie Hynde, that hit it big in the late 70's with their mix of classic rock and punk. LP includes 10 songs, including the FM radio classic, "Back on the Chain Gang."

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Live Bullet

1976 release from classic rocker/music icon. This is the LP that helped Bob break out and go national. "Live" rock and roll at its finest, this LP features the song, "Turn the Page," one of his all-time classics.

Rick Springfield - Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet

1982 release from rock and roll singer and actor who hit it big in the 80's with his pop-rock sound and MTV's help. LP includes 12 songs, including the hit, "Don't Talk to Strangers."

The Stills-Young Band - Long May You Run

1976 release from rock legends who joined together for this LP, their only one as a duo. Famous for their solo work and the group's they have been members of. This LP features some great electric and acoustic songs. Title song is "classic" Neil Young.

October 7, 2019 - CD's

Jeff Beck - Flash

1985 release from legendary guitarist from the 60's. CD features 11 songs, some great instrumentals and the hit song, "People Get Ready," featuring his old band mate, Rod Stewart.

Black Sabbath - Past Lives

2016 deluxe release of a collection of 18 Sabbath classics, performed live from various concerts during the 70's. All tracks feature the original "band" with John "Ozzy" Osbourne on vocals.

Blink 182 - Greatest Hits

2005 release from California group who hit it big in the 90's. They hit it big mixing pop and punk. Fun-loving group of guys who made great videos to go with their songs. CD features 17 songs of pure rock bliss.

Various Artists - Century of the Blues

Four CD's containing 100 songs from the 1920's into the 1950's! This collection has some great Mississippi Delta, Memphis, and early Chicago and lots more historic blues recordings.

G.E. Smith and the Saturday Night Live Band - Get A Little

1992 release from guitarist G.E. Smith, famous for lots of "cool" stuff/studio work and has been the leader of the Saturday Night Live Band since the late 80's and early 90's. Compilation CD featuring 10 songs from the Saturday Night Live Band.

Leadbelly - Important Recordings 1934-1949

Four CD box set from legendary folk singer and blues pioneer. Box set contains 97 songs recorded from 1934-1949.

Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children

1995 studio release from "Marilyn" featuring 15 songs of alternative pop metal. CD contains the fan-favorite song, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)."

Ozzy Osbourne - Memoirs of a Madman

2014 release from hard rock icon, CD features 17 songs, a best of collection. CD features all of Ozzy's most famous songs and a live version of Black Sabbath's, "Paranoid."

Various Artists - Thelma and Louise Soundtrack

1991 release of music from the hit movie. CD contains 11 songs of "road" music and cool music from select singer/songwriters.

Jack White - Boarding House Reach

2018 release from guitarist, singer, and songwriter famous as the front-man for the group, the White Stripes. This CD is his second solo and features 13 songs of electric and acoustic rock.



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