March 13, 2020 - LP's

Bad Company - Self-titled

1974 release from British rock group, their debut release. Features eight songs, including the rock radio classic, "Can't Get Enough."

Black Oak Arkansas - Raunch n' Roll - Live

1973 release from rock and roll group famous in the 70's for their "boogie" rock sound. Hot "live" LP features eight songs, including the fan-favorite, "Hot and Nasty."

Eagles - Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

1982 release from America's favorite group. Hits Number Two features 10 songs including their party rock anthem, "Life in the Fast Lane."

The J. Geils Band - Bloodshot

1973 release from blues rock group from Boston that also mix soul with rock so well. Hot LP on red vinyl. LP features their breakout hit, "Give It To Me."

Foreigner - 4

1981 release from pop rock group that became one of the biggest selling groups in the 80's. Big hit LP featuring 10 songs, including the smash hit, "Urgent." 

Van Halen - Self-titled

Released in 1978, the group's debut release established the band, discovered by Gene Simmons of Kiss fame. LP includes their first rock radio hit, "Runnin' With the Devil."

Richard Pryor - Greatest Hits

Released in 1977, this LP features 10 of Mr. Pryor's funniest songs/stories, including his classic "My Father" story.

Steve Perry - Street Talk

Released in 1984, solo LP from Journey's lead singer. LP features 10 "love" songs, including the big MTV hit, "Oh Sherrie."

Bob Seger - The Distance

Released in 1982 from music icon, big hit LP featuring nine songs. This LP was his third multi-platinum in a row and features the smash hit, "Shame On the Moon."

Barry White - Greatest Hits

Released in 1975, this LP features all of Barry's big hits from 1972-1974. LP includes his all-time classic, "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe."

February 11, 2020 - CD's

The Cure - Disintegration

1989 release from British group, big in the 80's with the "alternative" rock sound and their singer, Robert Smith's voice.

Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind

1987 release from music icon, solid rock CD from Bob featuring 11 songs and was produced by Daniel Lanois.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Twenty

1997 release from classic band, CD features 12 songs, all studio, including the fan-favorite song, "Travelin' Man."

Dave Matthews - Some Devil

2003 release from singer, songwriter, and vocalist. Solo release featuring 14 songs. This CD features one of his best and haunting, "Gravedigger."

Morphine - Yes

1985 release from the group with their "own" unique vocal rock with "jazz" sax and guitar. CD features 12 songs that draw you into their world of sound. 

Pearl Jam - Ten

Debut CD from the group that hit it big in the early 90's and have become music icons. CD features 11 songs that are all great.

Various Artists - Pure Disco 2

Fun "party" compilation CD released in 1997 and features 20 songs, from the 70's and 80's, to throw down with!

Stone Temple Pilots - Self-titled

1994 release from grunge rock band who hit it big with their first release. CD features 11 songs, including the alternative rock hit, "Vaseline."

Storyville - A Piece of Your Soul

1996 release from Texas blues rock group that features ex-members from Stevie Ray Vaughan's band and the hot guitarist, David Grissom.

The Wallflowers - Bringing Down the Horse

1996 release from "rootsy" pop rock group that features Jakob Dylan on vocals. CD features 11 songs, including the breakout rock radio hit, "One Headlight."



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