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October 20, 2020

Airbourne - Boneshaker

Released in 2019, newest studio from hard rock group, now celebrating 10 years of recording and touring. Ten songs of kick-ass rock 'n' roll, for fans of ACDC.

Cinderella - Icon

Eleven song best of collection released in 2012. Classic 80's rock that keeps on sellin'!

Bob Marley - Legend Rarities Edition

Released in 2010, the Rarities is comprised of extended "mixes," "remixes," and "dubs" of the 13 songs on the CD.

Various Artists - Soundtrack from the film Rockers

Original release in 1979, re-released in 2002, 14 songs of "roots" reggae from the acclaimed Jamaican movie.

Emmylou Harris - Blue Kentucky Girl

Country music icon re-releases her beloved 1979 title, now expanded to include three bonus songs.

Sublime - Icon

Twelve song best of collection from "Cali" reggae rockers. CD was released in 2011 and includes the all-time party anthem, "Smoke Two Joints."

Tesla - Five Man London Jam

New live release from classic rockers, now celebrating over 25 years of recording and touring. New "live" recordings are acoustic versions of their hits, including the fan-favorite, "Love Song."

Chuck Prophet - The Land That Time Forgot

Newest studio release from San Franciscan rocker, now celebrating over 25 years of recording and touring. This guy is heartland rock and alternative for his forever "rock" sound.

Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses

Released in 1993, big hit CD for "doom" hard rock group. CD contains 12 songs with the title song now a rock radio staple.

Neil Young - Tonight's the Night

Neil's famous dark release from 1975, that is inspired by the death of two friends from heroin overdoses. Recorded "live" in the studio and features 11 songs that will mellow your mind.