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Budget Music Trivia

Summer 2021

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1. What two famous musicians met on a train in 1960? This meeting forged a musical relationship that is still active a half a century later.

2. What famous Motown American group made their cabaret debut at a small club - Club dell'Aretusa, Chelsea, London in 1968?

3. In 1968, what physical appearance did Mick Jagger and Brian Jones have (for a brief period) that was only photographed once for public eyes?

4. What group created a significant airborne hazard resulting from a photo shoot on the South Bank of the River Thames?



5. In 1968, what famous English group played support for main acts like Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge, and Country Joe and the Fish? It was apparent that this group was outshining these famous groups.



6. In 1969, what was one of the first groups to perform without an opening act?

Rock 'n' Roll Trivia Answers

1. Michael (Mick) Jagger and Keith Richards. They knew of each other from school in the 1950's, but the chance encounter on a train years later brought them together again.

2. The Supremes

3. Beards - photographer Tony Gale 1968.

4. Pink Floyd - the helium filled pig balloon was wrenched free from its mooring by a sudden gust of wind between 2 of the 4 smokestacks at the Battersea Power Station on the bank of the River Thames.

5. Led Zeppelin

6. Led Zeppelin

Trivia Answers
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